Speckan Magnet and StripsFamous fashion stylist and design guru, Fatima Eskaji, has an interesting opinion when it comes to using mobile phones when driving.

Don’t get caught holding your phone to your ear, and don’t get caught with your phone mounted on your dashboard with an ugly phone holder. You’ve spent hundreds of dollars buying a good smartphone, so make it look smart by displaying it with style within the car itself.

You can’t really change the look of the phone itself so change the way it sits in your car.
Fatima recommends using a phone holder which hides itself in such a way, it looks like the phone is suspended in midair in front of you.

A new phone holder has emerged on the market which does just that. It makes your phone look good and yet it is quite secure. This phone holder is a circular magnetic disk which clips on to your air vent and holds on to your phone (from the back) with its powerful magnet, thus giving the look and feel of a suspended-in-air smartphone.

You can’t see the magnet when the phone is attached to it and it accomplishes both the look factor and the security factor. The magnet is so powerful that it holds on firmly to the phone even if you were to drive of a stunt-ramp and land with a crashing thud, and yet it has technology to prevent it from interfering with the phone’s features and operating system.

Fatima recommends the magnetic phone holder made by Speckan. It ‘s made of a special blend of materials which has an outstanding patent. The Speckan magnetic phone holder in itself is a fashion statement. It’s one of the slimmest phone holding magnets on the market today (12 mm thick overall) and has a stylish grey overtone, making it stand out when a phone is not attached.

Do you remember the days when you used to use a phone holder with a suction cup that kept falling off? Many people nearly had accidents because of them. Thankfully, the Speckan magnetic holder prevents all those problems that were prevalent in the old holders.

When you sit in your car, simply bring your phone close to the magnetic disc, and it will pull your phone towards itself and secure it firmly in place.

You can even attach it sideways and use your phone as a navigation device. Speckan say that they have tested the device by attaching an iPad to the magnet and then violently shaking the magnet up and down to see if the iPad falls off. The test passed!
If an iPad doesn’t fall, a smartphone certainly wont fall.

Before you can use the Speckan holder, you need to attach a sticky plate at the back of the phone (which also comes with the magnetic). You have a choice of either sticking a circular sticker or a rectangular sticker. Either way, both of them do the job perfectly.

The anti-slide design is what makes the Speckan holder worth every penny. If the phone were to drop, it could cause an accident while driving.

Summary: If you do plan on buying a phone holder for your car, don’t buy one that looks like it belongs in the early 2000 period. Move with the times and choose a phone holder that makes your phone stand out.

Webkept.com considers the Speckan phone holder to be one of the web’s secret products and recommends you take a look at its design before buying any other holder.

Amazon is the only online merchant currently selling the Speckan magnetic phone holder. The item is worth $23 given its features but you may be able to find it on sale at times.