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Our Service Has Catapulted Dozens of Businesses To The Top of Google

Thereby Increasing Sales By As Much As 10 Times!

Yes, we believe we can increase your daily sales many, many times over.

In fact we rank 80% of our clients’ keywords on the first page of Google, this creating a barrage of free organic traffic and sales.

Did you know, websites that are listed on the first page of Google receive thousands upon thousands more people ordering from them than websites which are on the second or third page?

Think about it; if you searched for an item you were interested in researching or buying, would you look past the third page of Google, even though there are millions of results for that search term? I would guess you’d find what you were looking for on the first page and then proceed to buy.

Whether your website is non-existent on Google or is buried on the 100th page of their listings, our service is designed to position your website on that highly profitable first page.

Every company wants their site to be listed at the top of the search engines. They know that top rankings equals more eyeballs, and more eyeballs means more exposure and sales.

Some companies generate hundreds of thousands of pounds/dollars in sales simply by being listed on the first page of Google.

If you’re not on that critical first page, nobody will find you, and therefore, nobody will order from your store, unless you are paying for traffic from some other source.

Some businesses still have the mindset of “build it and they will come”. Sadly, this proverb  doesn’t apply anymore. Nowadays, you need to be pro-active in getting your business noticed. You can do that with advertising. What better way is there to advertise your business by being on top of the most-used and most-popular search engine in the world – Google!

The people who search for the product you sell, or the service you provide, will see your site immediately after searching the product/service name.

These visitors are laser targeted and they have an intention to buy! By placing your offer in front of their eyes immediately after they have searched for the product or service (which you are selling), produces fantastic sales results. This is the reason businesses pay thousands upon thousands of dollars/pounds (and far more) to try and gain first page rankings on Google.

The process of positioning a site on the first page of Google is called “Search Engine Optimisation” or “SEO” for short.

According to companies like Victorious, SEO is a lengthy and complicated process, requiring the use of many resources to make it work effectively.If SEO is not done the right way, it could penalize your site and drop it from the search engine rankings permanently. Furthermore, Google changes its ranking algorithms periodically, and when that happens, many sites are dropped from the first page of Google.This is why you need an experienced SEO service provider who holds a track record in ranking clients sites and keeping them there.

SEO is an art rather than a science, and this is why many SEO companies fail to please their clients.However, Webkept Digital Media (that’s us) has perfected the art of SEO so well, it has now become science for us.

We have managed to rank approximately 80% of our clients’ keywords on the first page of Google within 6 months. Can you imagine that? A whopping 80% – this is no small feat.

We can do it because we have a proprietary system we use to rank sites and we know what to do when certain things are out of place. We are extremely passionate and serious at the same time about our SEO work. Furthermore, we can do it without breaking the bank.

You may find some SEO companies charge a little less than we do, but they sloppily slap poor backlinks (technical term) across various un-targeted sites on the net, which does more harm than good.This results in a very short term increase in rankings followed by a huge drop which then buries your site somewhere in the thousands of pages on Google, probably never to be found again.

We have lots of experience and have done heavy research into what works and what works only for a short time. Using our proprietary method, we can accurately determine what is needed to move your site to the top of the search engine rankings. Find the best SEO agency in Sydney near you to guide you through the marketing process of your business.

We are an online company and we work with businesses across the globe. During our initial consultation with you, we will look at your website and may recommend some changes (on the website) to super-charge your SEO efforts.

The text, naming and styling of certain elements on a web page also affects the outcome of SEO positioning. We will make our recommendations and then proceed to rank your site for specific keyword(s).

A keyword is a word or a phrase which, when entered into Google, will display your site on the first page.

For example, if your business sells golfing equipment in Glasgow, you may want your site to show up on the first page for these types of keywords:

* Golfing Equipment* Golfing Supplies* Golfing Shop in Glasgow* Buy Golf Clubs in Scotland* Cheap Golf Balls

To help you select the best keywords for your business, we will initiate our research and recommend the best keywords we believe you should be targeting.

Regardless of how many keywords you choose to rank, we have a track record of ranking at least 80% of those keywords on the first page of Google within the first 6 months or sooner.

This means your website will show up on the first page when any of those terms are typed into Google. As you know, this means more exposure and therefore more sales.

If you are making thousands of pounds/dollars from being ranked on the first page of Google for various keywords, effectively, this will cut down your advertising budget elsewhere. You may have more than enough business to keep you happy for a very long time.

Remember, our SEO service is structured in such a way that your website will increase in rankings every month until it reaches the top before the sixth month ends. We will even send you monthly ranking reports for your website upon request.

At the end of the 6th month, you will notice your sales coming in thick and fast. You may start to receive more sales by telephone because you may have your phone number in large bold letters on your website.

If you have an online ordering system, you should find multiple orders within your inbox every day. Business will start to boom simply by being positioned at the top of Google.

To boost your sales by positioning your business higher in the search engine rankings, choose one of our ranking packages below. The package you choose is determined by the type of business you have and the type of service you require. We can sit down together and select specific keywords for which you can rank on the first page of Google.

In any case, your site will have increased in rankings for each keyword and may have even reached the 2nd page of Google for some of the keywords we can’t rank on the first page. You will benefit from this anyway.

With such low prices and a rock-solid track record in place, there’s no reason any business should delay in getting their site ranked on the first page of Google.

Contact us today or order from the choices above and let’s schedule our initial consultation.

Webkept Digital Media



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