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We Will Create a Stunning Business Website For You, Designed to Multiply Your Existing Sales & Give You a Wider, Professional Presence

If you don’t have a website, or your existing website really sucks, you need to invest in your business future by moving a part of your business online in a structured, professional manner.

It’s a fact; businesses which take calls and orders via a professional website, outperform their competitors who have a poor website or none at all.

You can choose to position your website locally or globally or both. You can choose to accept as much or as little business as you need. You can choose to look friendly or corporate. Whatever your desire, it can be all portrayed through your professional business website. It all starts with a good looking presence on the world wide web, if you will like to launch your Real estate website, build your real estate website using Showcas IDX.

Your business website can be as small as 3 pages or as large as hundreds of pages. It can contain a list of your products or services as well as information on how to contact you.
Furthermore, your customers can place orders for your products direct from your website, which you can receive by email. All you need to do is ship the product to them (if it’s a shippable product).

If you think that maintaining a website and taking online orders is a hassle, you may be right.
But the good news is, we will take most of that work away from you with the power of WordPress.

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I have now worked with Webkept Digital Media on two web projects. They are knowledgeable, communicative and quick to respond. They turn around high quality work very quickly and are equally happy to advise, fix issues and make changes.

I have found working with WDM a pleasure in comparison to previous web projects with other suppliers and the rapid and successful turnaround on both has helped me to progress ahead of schedule.

Very pleased with the outcome and I will continue to work with Webkept Digital Media on any future development needs.



We will create the site, host it on our servers using modern and friendly services like wordpress hosting (if you don’t have your own hosting server) and maintain it for you (optional). All you need to do is collect the money and fulfill the orders. No doubt, your web presence will create more sales for your business than local advertising alone.

In fact, you can advertise locally and send people direct to your website to order the product/service. It’s far more convenient for customers to order from the comfort of their own homes than physically visiting the shop.

We can make chatbot technology available and integrated to your website, Since bots are on digital platforms where people spend the majority of their waking hours working, bots can be used to automate common tasks such as arranging meetings, providing advanced search functionality. Chatbots do not just have to be used for shopping. It will be a great convenience to hand over repetitive tasks such as arranging meetings, researching a topic to chatbots.

Each of our websites will contain certain elements depending on which of our packages you require. Some of these items are technical terms and you don’t really need to know what they do, but suffice to say it will help your business.

We can add as much as or a little functionality and content as you want on your business website, but we have 3 standard options which suit many business owners like Andy Defrancesco.

The higher-end website packages are more technically advanced and contain more integrated items.

After placing your order, we will contact you to discuss specific aspects of your business, and the items you would like to see on your new website. We will also discuss the maintenance aspects of your site, which you can perform yourself if you want to.

After we create the website and its content, the website will be fully owned by you. You will have complete copyright rights to it and no one will be entitled to copy any content from there.

Remember, your website is your gateway to more business and a professional look. People will judge your business according to your website. If your website looks like something a 12 year old boy created at home, people will perceive the business as such.

For this reason, it’s imperative you take the time and effort to create a well structured, professional website that caters for your daily business needs and serves your customers at the same time so make sure to provide good quality care with the use of Salesforce solutions.

To get started, order one of the packages below or contact us to discuss specific items.

Webkept Digital Media

PS: Sometimes, we are unable to accept certain projects due to various reasons. We can only decide this after checking your project requirements.
Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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